Life Insurance

There is no more important asset to your family than you. You provide the tangibles (food, water, shelter) and more importantly the intangibles (love, support, guidance) that people close to you depend on every day. If something were to happen to you and you were no longer there, how would that change their lives? What plans are already in place in case something were to happen to you? Whether you are single, have a spouse, or a spouse and kids, your passing would affect others.

What can you do to help in that circumstance? I have ways to prepare and plan so that if the worst happens, your survivors are able to get through the grieving process without the additional stress of financial concerns. No amount of money would ever replace you, but being able to focus on healing alone would make the process far easier with some assistance (buying time) with Life insurance. Again, there are lots of misconceptions about this, so please ask anything.

Life Insurance types to review: 

  • Term

  • Whole life

  • Universal Life

  • Buy/ Sell agreements

  • Key Person

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